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Real Life Teens: Beyond Marijuana And Alcohol: Crossing The Thin Line DVD

Prescription and over the counter medications are likely to be abused by teens today much more than some other illegal drugs such as Marijuana. This is often referred to as 'pharming.' The abuse of these drugs is now a well-established behavior among Teens. Many teens are now exposed to strong, mind altering drugs, often impure at an alarming level. Steroid use has become much more common by role models in society. With the use of these drugs, Teens are damaging their health, experiencing date rape, blackouts, becoming unconscious and in some cases, losing their lives. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their exposure and knowledge of pharmacological drugs and dangerous chemical substances.Subjects Covered Include: How do these Drugs affect the userThe long term effects of Drug use GHB and Rohypnol Street names for GHB and Rohypnol The effects of Ecstasy or MDMA Abusing prescription medication Methamphetamine or 'Meth' Inhalant Abuse Teens on Steroids Dangerous Drug impurities



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